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We are Urban Bird Foundation

We’re conserving urban and suburban bird populations to preserve the interconnected relationship between people and nature.

Birds. People. Communities. A better, sustainable living for all.

Our Focus


We focus our work where we can make the biggest impact on bird and green space conservation.

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What We Do


Creating bold solutions to protect birds and preserve the unique relationship between people and nature.

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Wildlife Corridors


Green spaces create connections between ecosystems in and surrounding cities, effectively creating corridors that can support a high diversity of plants and animals.

Here to Stay

Since 2008, Urban Bird Foundation has worked for the protection of burrowing owls, habitat and other wildlife in the places we call home – our communities. We do not believe in the outsourcing of wildlife and green spaces, but in the integration of these wonderful, accessible habitats into our local environments. Whether a few acres or tens of acres or more, these habitats serve as important suburban and urban wildlife corridors that benefit human and wildlife communities…and of course, BURROWING OWLS!

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We work to conserve one of the most important and impactful places on the planet — your community! This is a place where you live, work, relax and educate your children. This is where thinking globally and acting locally actually takes place. And your community is a place that has the power to significantly shape and change lives.

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Together, we can conserve unique species, safeguard green spaces and habitats, provide innovative solutions that create wildlife corridors, and stand up for nature in suburban and urban communities. We can give a voice to the animals we used to see and still want to interact with in our neighborhoods as we build healthy, nature-integrated communities.

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Our Recent Projects


Integrated Nature

Despite a growing awareness and some progress on sustainable development, negative trends continue, global biodiversity continues to decline,...
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Communities of Action

Creating sustainable bird populations, communities and economies are full of challenges. It’s a social task that is not...
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Burrowing Owl Conservation

Burrowing owls are an incredibly unique species and they are the only raptor in North America to nest...
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Urban Wildlife Refuge 

Influencing & Informing Policy

Urban Bird advocates for the conservation of urban birds and their habitats by engaging and collaborating with government...
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Protecting Habitat

Advocated and successfully helped create the first 24-acre suburban preserve dedicated to burrowing owls in Contra Costa County in 2008. The owl population has risen from 0 owls to 5 pairs that have successfully fledged more than 60 young.

Conservation Strategy

Garnered support amongst California non-profit organizations representing more than 209,000 individuals for a state-wide conservation strategy.


Work with other conservation groups, landowners, state and federal agencies, and local governments to protect urban and suburban burrowing owl populations from development and to safeguard and restore habitat.

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Birds. People. Community. Help us protect wildlife and habitat in YOUR community!

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