As of October 14, 2013, we have changed our name from Burrowing Owl Conservation Network to Urban Bird Foundation. Our new vision is “Birds. People. Communities. A better, sustainable living for all.”

However, our mission to protect and restore burrowing owls remains constant. In fact, we have expanded our mission to better reflect the work and direction we must take to ensure burrowing owls, other birds and wildlife have a place in our communities.

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Urban Bird uses sound, science‐based information, and working preserve models that are presented in such a way that it has real meaning and utility to the people who live and work in urban and suburban settings. We engage citizens in decision‐making and build collaborations with nonprofit organizations, agencies and municipalities that promise to lead our communities in the direction of integrated environmental, societal and economical sustainability. By advocating for and implementing a birds and people approach, we build healthy communities.

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Urban Bird Foundation is on the frontlines of advocating for and protecting urban and suburban habitats just like this stormwater basin. We are delighted to see barren, mowed basins become habitats that support incredible biodiversity, and serve as neighborhood recreation sites for residents. And it just tickles us to see a couple of western grebes, a flock of hooded mergansers, a gallinule, or a pair of blue grosbeaks buzzing right over suburban homes and streets, and finding foraging and nesting sites amongst concrete and rooftops.

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Urban Bird Foundation protects burrowing owls

Urban Bird's Burrowing Owl Conservation Network actively works to re-establish, preserve and aid in the rehabilitation of burrowing owl colonies through the protection and maintenance of habitat, ground digging mammals and ecosystems.

Our proven and successful efforts are needed more than ever to prevent further losses and restore breeding populations in urban and suburban environments. Learn More


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